Make the Most of Your Manure

Make the Most of Your Manure

Find an effective pasture harrow solution in Potomac or Missoula, MT

Pasture harrowing is a necessity when you need to break up and level heavy soil. Kanavel Ag Supply supplies S3 Delta Harrow products that are 100% American-made and highly reputable for providing innovative pasture harrow solutions. When you visit one of our equipment locations in Potomac or Missoula, MT you'll discuss your needs with a local expert and find the ideal pasture harrow to maintain your fields.

Whether you own a large farm or an equestrian venue, you'll likely benefit from a pasture harrow. Contact us today to learn more about our S3 Delta Harrow products in Potomac or Missoula, MT.

Never get your hands dirty in the field

Pasture harrows are ideal for breaking up pieces of manure and spreading it across your field as fertilizer. When you utilize an effective pasture harrow, you'll never have to get your hands dirty. You can rely on us to supply you with a:

Cart harrow: S3 Delta attachments are designed for customizing to the user. Rugged drawbars drag tyne sections while 3-point lifts and heavy duty carts allow for ease of transportation and wide coverage. The modular, multi-use design and wide range of attachment options make these harrows the best option in a wide variety of applications. We carry several different options to meet your needs.

Drawbar harrow: The Standard Drawbar Style is the traditional industry choice. It features a flat bar onto which the sections are easily hooked with an "S" shaped connector. Quickly switch the section to aggressive or smoothing mode with this drawbar combination.

Visit us in Potomac or Missoula, MT today to purchase a high-quality 3-point harrow.