Searching for a Grain Drill in Potomac and Missoula, MT?

Searching for a Grain Drill in Potomac and Missoula, MT?

Look no further than Great Plains' seeding and tillage equipment

When you need dependable seeding and tillage equipment that will get the job done efficiently, you'll be happy to learn that Kanavel Ag Supply distributes high-quality Great Plains products that are known to produce exceptional results.

We supply:

Grain drill equipment: Provide incomparable seed spacing, depth and seed-to-soil contact.
Vertical tillage equipment: Produces a uniform soil profile for superior root development.
Planting components: Made to produce exceptional yields in every season of the year.
Conventional tillage equipment: Includes unconventional features to meet your conventional needs.

As a leading producer of superior grain drills, you can trust that Great Plains products will not let you down. Visit our store in Potomac and Missoula, MT today to purchase a high-quality grain drill.

How can we help?

Whether you need a mower or field harrow, Kanavel Ag Supply will help you find the ideal tillage equipment in Potomac and Missoula, MT. With over 40 years of experience in the farm equipment industry, we have a thorough knowledge of the industry's leading brands and products that will simplify your work and your life.

You can count on us to answer any questions you have about the equipment or functionality. If you're not sure what kind of grain drill or seed planter you should purchase, we'll help you make the best decision.

Contact us today to discuss your tillage equipment needs in Potomac and Missoula, MT.